Budgeting is a process we are all familiar with. We allocate so much of our income for expenses like housing, transportation, food, vacation, charity, etc. If we budget correctly we hope to have some funds left after all expenses are paid.

The Church works in a similar manner. There are set expenses which are paid every month just to keep the lights on and staff employed. Then, there are other expenses budgeted for ministries such as Sunday School supplies, PORT, VBS, and many other outreach programs, to just name a few. 

When budgeting for these expenses each committee projects how much things will cost for the following year and comes up with a budgeted amount. These are then compiled into a budget worksheet for the session to review, ponder on, pray about, and finally approve.

Stewardship Season is the critical part of budgeting. The main income for a church is through pledges and this is what we use in determining what programs and expenditures can be funded for the following year. In early November we compare total pledges received with projected expenses to get an idea of where we stand. The sooner pledges are received we are able to start preparing the budget. By the end of November the budget is finalized. Of course, pledges will still be accepted after that point but those funds may not be reflected in the final budget, making it more difficult to have a ‘balanced budget’. Thank you to all who pledge and especially for getting the pledges submitted in a timely manner.

Pete Marshall, Finance Committee Chair

Peace & Global Witness Offering—October 3

Equipping Peacemakers in Congregations and Around the World

A gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of conflict and injustice across the world. Individual congregations are encouraged to utilize up to 25% of this Offering to connect with the global witness of Christ’s peace. Mid councils retain an additional 25% for ministries of peace and reconciliation. The remaining 50% is used by the Presbyterian Mission Agency to advocate for peace and justice in cultures of violence, including our own, through collaborative projects of education and Christian witness.

If you are worshiping online you can go to the PCUSA website and make your contribution directly through their “give now” button. Please acknowledge Denbigh United Presbyterian Church so that your contribution will be included in our individual congregations 25% share to be utilized to connect with the global witness of Christ’s peace. You may write a check to DUPC and designate it “Peace & Global Witness Offering.”

Stewardship Season Sermon Series

The Joy of Generosity:  A Stewardship Journey October 31, November 7 and 14.

The story goes that Erasmus, a Renaissance scholar, was watching with the pope as wagonloads of wealth were brought through the gates of the Vatican. Turning to Erasmus, the pope observed. “No longer can the church say with Peter, ‘Silver or gold have I none.’” Erasmus replied, “True. And neither can the church say to the lame man, ‘Take up your bed and walk.’”

Maintaining spiritual vigor in the midst of great wealth was a challenge for the church of past centuries-and still is for the church today. We have been entrusted with incredible resources. How do we prevent that wealth form sapping our spiritual strength and making us simply a congregation of consumers? By seeing ourselves as stewards of the Lord’s riches.

If stewardship is so important to spiritual development, why does the topic remain so intimidating. Perhaps it’s because we fear that stewardship is only a fancy word for budget.

This Stewardship season we are going to explode that warped perception of stewardship by exploring stewardship from a biblical perspective. We are going to have a three week sermon series that explores a different way to view Stewardship.  The first service includes four “T”s, based on God’s comprehensive call that we become stewards of trees, time, talents and treasures. In the second service, “Dainties and Discipleship,” we examine the “dainties” of our consumer culture. The third service, “Generous Giving,” challenges us to be cheerful, generous givers.

We hope you spend time in prayer and consider your pledge during these weeks and then join together on November 14 as we dedicate our pledges with Joy in Generosity.

Environmental Stewardship—Norfolk Botanical Gardens Washed Ashore
Outdoor Exhibit

Often our youth are more keenly aware of environmental problems than their elders. Washed Ashore is an outdoor exhibit that is at Norfolk Botanical Gardens only until October 31, 2021. It is an outdoor exhibit of sculptures made from plastics that have washed up on our beaches.  The sheer amount reclaimed–tons- is mind boggling! Using art to address social concerns often captivates and inspires us. 

Thanks to the Peacemaking  Peace and Global Witness Projects Denbigh United Presbyterian Church has been awarded $100 to help with the cost of admission.  

Date we will attend is still to be determined – more info to come  by the end of September!

(Please bring a refillable container for use at the cold, filtered-water refilling stations located throughout the Garden.)