Preschool – May

Preschool – May

We can’t believe we are in our last month of school! Even though the school year is winding down, we continue to be busy learning through our play. Our four-year-olds will be exploring how kindergarten will be both alike and different from preschool. They will be reviewing all that they have learned this year through their study of bugs, flowers, and the ocean. Our three-year-olds will be having fun making special gifts for mommies and learning all about what plants need to grow.

Although we are not able to have our annual end-of-the-year celebration with our families at Bluebird Gap Farm, we do have a special treat planned for the children on our last day, which is May 27. We are so thankful for the wonderful year we have had together!

The teachers have worked very hard, as always, both inside and outside of the classroom during this pandemic year. They have completed many hours of professional development and taken on extra cleaning and sanitizing duties in order to provide a safe and high quality program for our families. We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated staff!

Thank you for your support of the preschool program with your thoughts and prayers throughout this year. We are so glad that we made the decision to provide a program where children could play and learn together.

Tammy Castagna, DUPP Director
Phone: 757-898-1043

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