Faith Weaver Friends (FWF)

Faith Weaver Friends (FWF)

Our preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students continue to study the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) at Faith Weaver Friends on Wednesday evenings.

The preschool and elementary class studied the resurrection of Jesus and the ways he brings us peace (a Fruit of the Spirit). As you will see in the pictures, our children dramatized the story of the resurrection, playing the parts of angels and guards and looking in the empty tomb. We also studied patience by studying how Jesus had patience with Peter and how Jesus has patience with us. We played some fun games that tested our patience!

Our elementary children also studied patience. Pictures below show Pastor Boone teaching Axel and Kenrich. Boone was teaching Axel and Kenrich how to throw Aerobie Orbiter Boomerangs (which as we all know is a high performance boomerang) so that is flies out far away and then comes back. A good example of one of our Fruit of the Spirit—Patience. Patience is needed as one thinks about and tries to determine the best angle to hold one’s arm as the boomerang is thrown so that it does actually come back. It takes a lot of attempts to figure out and it was a great team effort as Boone, Axel, and Kenrich shared ideas of the best way to hold the AO Boomerang, best way to position one’s arm, and effort needed when throwing.

Faith Weaver Friends—Preschool

Faith Weaver Friends—Elementary

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