In-Person Worship Guidelines

In-Person Worship Guidelines

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that we are welcoming more worshipers back to in-person worship on
Sundays. We also remain joyful that many of you are continuing to worship with us on line.

As more of you return to the sanctuary, I want to encourage your patience and openness. Please remember that “things are not the same” . . . not yet. We still must be
vigilant about everyone’s safety. Understandably, we are all eager to return to the same ways of being when we were last together in the sanctuary, but we are not there yet. And, we do not want to lose any ground in keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We need all worshipers to please follow the guidelines printed on page 3. We are finding that the hardest rule for people to follow is to refrain from mingling in the narthex. We know this is difficult, but we need everyone to move outside to visit so that we do not have too many
people in close proximity in the narthex.

Here are some answers to questions we have heard:

1) Why do I have to sign up for services?

We still have a cap on attendees in the sanctuary (50 people). We must know if you are coming so that we do not exceed this cap or so that we can plan for other areas for worshipers to gather to view the service.

2) Why can’t we sing?

Please see page 3 for more details. In short, singing spreads aerosols farther than speaking. This is why singers are behind plexiglass and (with the exception of soloists) are wearing singing masks. This is not forever. We will all sing together again.

We know that we are all weary of the restrictions of COVID-19. It’s difficult to be
patient. But, let us persevere. Let us be grateful that we can be together more than we were before and continue to look forward to the days ahead.

In Christ, Deborah

Denbigh United Presbyterian Church In-Person Worship Protocols

As we return to limited in-person worship, please follow all these protocols for everyone’s

Masks/Face Coverings:

Please wear a mask upon entering the building and until you depart, including throughout the entire worship service. The mask must cover your mouth and nose.

If you arrive without a mask, we will gladly provide you a single use, disposable mask.

Entering and Exiting the Building:

Exterior doors from rear parking lot will be open so that you do not have to touch them.

Please maintain social distancing while in hallways and narthex.

Please do not congregate in the narthex or hallway before or after the service.

You will enter and exit the sanctuary with the guidance of an usher through the center
sanctuary doors.

Hand sanitizer will be available as you enter and exit the sanctuary.


Only the restrooms in the new breezeway between the sanctuary and Second Hall will be available. The preschool bathrooms and hallway will be closed.

No water fountains are open.

The Worship Experience:

The sanctuary has designated, socially distanced seating assignments to ensure your safety. Blue tape blocks pews where you are not to sit; white paper on the backs of pews will mark appropriate places to be seated. Please honor ushers’ guidance on where to sit. Please stay seated for the duration of the service unless there is an emergency.

Children who are accompanied by a caregiver are welcome to attend worship; no nursery will be provided at this time. Children will remain seated in the pews during the Moments with the Children.

There will be no corporate singing during worship due to the impact of singing on spreading COVID, especially in confined spaces. Musicians and speakers leading worship will be at least 16 feet from the nearest worshipers.

Offering plates and ministry of friendship pads will not be passed. Place your offering in the plate as you enter or exit the sanctuary.

No passing of the peace, hugging, or shaking hands please; making signs or flags or other
celebratory ways to greet others from your seat is encouraged!

At the conclusion of the service, remain seated. Ushers will dismiss you row by row, starting at the back of the sanctuary.

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