Prime Timers-The Arbors

Prime Timers-The Arbors

One Hundred Valentine’s Day balloons and candy were assembled and delivered to the residents of The Arbors. Amelia Britt is our church’s star resident! 

Thank you note from The Arbors:

Hello Prime Timers! I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness of the Arbors residents as you brightened their day with your cute Valentine balloon & candy!  They truly loved the surprise and talked about it lots over the past couple of days. It is, no doubt, hard for our senior community to be in this “COVID culture” where they are limited with activity and personal contact, so this act of kindness really meant a lot to them (and us!) 

PS ~ chocolate always helps! Blessings to DUPC from all of us at The Arbors!

Janice Fiedorowicz, Concierge

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