Happy Birthday to the Church—The Day of Pentecost

Our church celebrated The Day of Pentecost on May 31. We invited everyone to celebrate at home with a party and lots of red (the liturgical color for Pentecost).

Jasmine Woollum-Tshiek and her cousin, Tshiek Wellons, wore red, had many activities for Pentecost, worshiped, and prayed. Kathy Baldwin and others enjoyed a red velvet cupcake with a candle made and delivered by Carol Lynch to celebrate the church’s birthday, while Ray and Elaine Minch got decked out in party hats. Marian and Kevin Gore wore red to celebrate not only Pentecost but also their wedding anniversary. Jay and Mary Lee Dunn celebrated Pentecost wearing their red face coverings in this time of COVID-19. Others sent us photos of the red foods, including red beans and rice, which they ate during their celebrations. Thanks for making the birthday of the church very special.

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